Microtime’s MaintainIT


MaintainIT is Microtime’s all-inclusive package for all things IT, offering businesses of all sizes peace-of-mind that their systems will always be up and running.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can experience the rewards of improved operational productivity and increased profitability through MaintainIT. By implementing a comprehensive and integrated solution with power, flexibility, and scalability to meet your needs today, we make sure that your systems are always operating at 100% efficiency while also expanding our services as your business needs grow.  While other managed service providers have an on-site work cap, there is no hour cap with MaintainIT, so every month you can expect the same cost and never have to worry about overages. The only monthly variances are any parts your company decides to invest in. By switching from a traditional break-fix IT firm to MaintainIT, businesses save on average $1,000 to $100,000 annually on their IT expenses.

Microtime’s MaintainIT Package Components are:

  • Cloud Services
  • Data Security
  • IT Consulting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reliability
  • Help Desk
  • On-Site Services

Local Managed Services Providers

National Remote Managed Services Providers

Start-up Fee Yes, Varies with Provider
On-site Support -
Remote Support Charged by Hour
Training Charged by Hour, Remote Only
New Project Consulting -
Virtualization Implementation and Management
On-site Backups -
Off-site Backups Yes, Charged per GB
24/7 Support Varies with Provider
5 Minute Emergency Remote Support -
1 Hour Emergency On-site Support -
1 Day Emergency Hardware Replacement -
24/7 Workstation Monitoring
24/7 Server Monitoring
Workstation Anti-virus and Anti-spyware
Server Anti-virus and Anti-spyware
Daily Patch Management
Resource Usage Management
Computer Encryption Varies with Provider
Theft Protection and Location Services Varies with Provider
Client Monitoring Portal
Customer Ticket Portal Yes
Email Management (Including Exchange)
Network Utilization Management
Server, Workstation, and Network Upgrades -
E-mail Spam Filtering
Domain Management