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Outsourced Transcription Services – How It Can Help Businesses

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Outsourced Transcription Services – How It Can Help Businesses

With the global market becoming extremely competitive, more and more business entities prefer to outsource their transcription jobs to get the work done quickly and affordably. Well-planned outsourced transcription services can help businesses in many ways. These services allow business entities to streamline their documentation workflow and maintain regular official records in organized formats that would make information retrieval easy.

Focused on the unique transcription requirements of various corporate groups, many established legal transcription companies in the US offer proficient outsourced transcription services. Multinational corporations, insurance companies, government departments, educational institutions, legal entities, media and entertainment industry, and healthcare facilities largely benefit from these services.

Professional transcription solutions from transcription companies considerably minimize your documentation workload. With outsourced services, you can utilize your valuable time and effort to analyze, schedule and adopt new strategies and techniques that could improve overall business efficiency, productivity and cash flow. These services also help businesses:

: Transcription firms ensure that their clients do not have to invest in infrastructure, equipment and advanced technology to perform in-house documentation. They can also reduce the financial outlay involved to maintain additional specialized workforce to complete the transcription jobs within the organization.
: Service providers enable businesses to keep accurate and up-to-date official records on a regular basis. This would allow easy retrieval of vital information for reference and help take instant business decisions.
: Reliable outsourcing solutions completely rule out the odds of transcription backlogs. Service providers ensure quality transcripts for all dictated reports in convenient electronic file formats or as hard copies.
: Generally, pricing for transcription services offered by transcription companies mainly depend on volume of data, specific documentation requirements of the clients and turnaround time. Established companies are fully equipped to provide transcription solutions at affordable rates, and even ensure cost savings of up to 30 to 40 percent.
: These services allow businesses adopt precise strategies and risk management procedures at the correct time and help corporate entities considerably reduce liability and business risks.


To help businesses enjoy all these benefits and even more from outsourced transcription services, most leading transcription companies utilize state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, software utilities and the services of talented transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and quality analysts. Experienced transcription specialists in these firms manage dictations provided via DVDs, audio CDs, .mp3, .dss, .mpeg, .mov, .wav, .avi, tapes, cassettes, and more quite efficiently, and provide error-free transcripts in minimum turnaround time. A reliable provides:
Technical transcription
Business transcription
General transcription
Real estate transcription
Legal transcription
Research transcription
Insurance transcription
Footage transcription
Media transcription
Deposition transcription
Educational transcription
Focus group transcription

Along with quality transcription solutions, these transcription firms also ensure comprehensive benefits such as:

Flexible dictation options: digital recorders or toll free numbers
Use of 256 bit AES encryption for data security
Stringent quality control
99% data accuracy
Secure FTP or email file transfer options
End-to-end data tracking with document flow management
Rapid turnaround time (anywhere from 24 hours or less)
Competitive pricing : with savings up to 40 %
24/7 technical support and customer service

Businesses planning to outsource their transcription work should partner with an established transcription outsourcing company. Such a firm can ensure fully organized and affordably priced outsourced transcription services that can help businesses stay ahead of their competitors and gain maximum business benefits.

Outsourced Transcription Services – MOS Legal Transcription Service is a legal transcription company providing quality legal transcription services for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, law companies, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the US.

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